Although this wiki was made for more freedom, we still have some rules:

1. no racisim, sexism, swear in moderation, and if you make a nsfw page, add the category nsfw to the page

2. commenting "FIRST" is allowed, but please dont comment something similar to "FAKE"

3. Haters and ass-kissers help nobody! ----Newgrounds

4. people who openly hate creepypasta or love the webcomic Homestuck GET OUT OR WE WILL BAN YO' ASSES

5. no impersonation

6. shrek is love stories are ALLOWED

7. you may write articles about things, just remember to identify them when naming the page. example: sonic.exe (artice). oh, and btw, unarticles are also allowed ,but still remember to identify them as unarticles when naming them. example: sonic.exe (unarticle)

8. have fun! but remember, if you think our rules and punishments are bad, then think of soviet russia's


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